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Terry. McCarthy of Edmonton, AB purchased her used 2003 Hummer H2 from Westgate Chevrolet Ltd. in Edmonton, AB. If you live in the Edmonton, AB area and are shopping for the best price on a used Hummer H2, please call Westgate Chevrolet Ltd. salesperson Greg McKenna at +17809771809 for a free price quote. Greg McKenna offers a low-pressure, easy buying experience to all customers, and can help you find a used Hummer H2 at the lowest price possible.

Terry. McCarthy stated that she Definitely Would recommend salesperson Greg McKenna and Westgate Chevrolet Ltd. to friends and family.

Greg McKenna
Greg McKenna
Westgate Chevrolet Ltd.
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I sell a lot of Hummer H2 vehicles, just like the one Terry. McCarthy of Edmonton, AB bought from me. If you’re looking for a Hummer H2, look no further! We may have the perfect vehicle in-stock. And, if we don’t, we can probably find one for you! Call me today at +17809771809 and allow me to find your next Hummer H2!

Call Greg McKenna at +17809771809 for low prices and excellent service!

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June is here and the kids are out of school. It is time to plan for the summer vacation as you will need a vehicle that can handle the road traffic for your next outdoor adventure. Get yourself down to Westgate Chevrolet Ltd. as we have the award-winning Hummer vehicles like the Hummer H2. We have the deals that won't break your summer vacation budget as you can look at the stylish Hummer Focus, the roomy Hummer Explorer, or the powerful Hummer H2. Whether you are looking for a new or used vehicle, Westgate Chevrolet Ltd. can get you in the driver's seat of a dependable vehicle so you never have to worry about running into problems for those cross country road trips.

Get the best power without compromising on fuel economy as you'll love how much money you'll save at the pump as you'll drive more and spend less time filling up at the gas station. Make vacation memories with the entire family as you will comfortably reach your destination when driving your Hummer H2 available at your Westgate Chevrolet Ltd. dealership. You'll never want to sit in an uncomfortable plane seat or overcrowded and hot bus when starting your June vacation across the country when you can drive to your destination in a great Hummer vehicle.

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